Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts we can Give the Savior this Year...

Be Kind
Write a Letter
Give a soft answer
TRY to Understand
Laugh a little MORE
Express your GRATITUDE
Think FIRST of someone else
Seek out a Forgotten Friend
Gladden the HEART of a Child
Examine your Demands on others
Manifest your love in word and deed
Speak your LOVE and then speak it again
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with TRUST
Forego a grudge
Encourage youth
Forgive an enemy
Welcome a stranger

Howard W. Hunter
December 1994

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best 5 Bucks Spent...

Last night we took the boys to the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights. It was the best 5 bucks I have spent this whole year. James was so excited to see all the lighted characters. If you get a chance, take your kids there. It beats the crowd and price at Thanksgiving Point. If you have little kids, you will love it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making our Christmas Merry and Bright

Yes, seeing is believing... This is Matt dressed as Santa Clause, on his way to a family party to be the Santa Clause. A family friend asked Matt if he would do it and to my astonishment he said yes. If you don't know Matt very well this wouldn't be much of a surprise, but we are taking about a man who wouldn't go to the ward party because you "could" wear your pajamas. He never gets into anything silly or pretend, and he really gets "Grinchie" when this time of year rolls around. I was really worried about how this whole thing was going to go. I even made Matt pratice his Ho, Ho, Ho's around the house. But with this experience I discovered something wonderful. There really is magic in Santa Clause. Once Matt put on that suit he became a different person, a happy jolly person. He jingled the bells and raced out the door. When he came home that night he was dripping sweat and beaming from ear to ear. In eight years of marriage I haven't seen Matt this excited and happy. He said it made him feel like a rock star! The little kids just can't wait for their turn to sit on your knee, just to hear what you have to say to them. Matt said it was a rush. Well, it has done wonders for our Christmas holiday. There is a happiness in our home now that we were lacking. I hope it becomes a new tradition. I love you Santa!

The boys were a little confused when they saw Matt go into the bedroom, and Santa come out. They really thought it was Santa until he started talking, and Grant said, Hey thats my dad... We told them that Santa can't be at everywhere all the time, so he has special helpers who dress in his suit and go to family parties for him. "isn't it cool that Dad gets to be Santa special helper." James isn't in the picture because he is screaming in the background. He didn't want anything to do with Santa, even Dad Santa...
I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Money doesn't grow on trees...

I want to know how to teach kids that money doesn't grow on trees...
Yesterday Hunter talked Matt into giving him some money to buy a gift for his brothers at the school store. I of course was against the idea because I think 1st graders are too young to be sent to school with any amount of money.... But I lost the battle and Matt gave Hunter three dollars to buy whatever he wanted. Matt's argument was "he needs some Independence."
So with Hunters Independence... he came home with a silly green bell and said his friend gave it to him. I didn't ask what he bought at the store at that moment because I was on my way to meet with is teacher to plan his Christmas party. While talking to his teacher the office called because a little boy in the class came home with three dollars and the Aunt wanted to know where it came from. The boy said Hunter gave it to him?... Strangely enough I was sitting there at that moment and figured out how the Green bell came into play. The little "friend" traded the green bell (given to him by his one to one teacher), for Hunter's three dollars...
I was really sad for two reasons. First Hunter is the sweetest little boy in the world and It broke my heart that kids are taking advantage of his kindness. This little boy knew exactly what he was doing. And second, I'm sad that I haven't taught Hunter the value of money. It bug's me that Hunter thought it was a good trade, three dollars for a dumb green bell. The only thing that has settled my mind is that this kid comes from a very broken home, and he probably could have used the three dollars, even to just make his day brighter. But from now on our kids will know that Money doesn't grow on trees...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas angels...

Ti's the season for Family, lights, Music, Service and Santa Clause!?!
Matt and I decided it was time for that reminder of what Christmas is really all about. We taught the boys about the Birth of our Savior and what a special gift that was from our Heavenly Father. We reminded them how blessed they are and that there are children all over the world who wont be getting anything for Christmas. Then we challenged the boys a little... We asked them to give up one of the presents that they would be getting this year and give it to someone who is in need. With a poor choice of words we asked them if that is something they would like to do this year.... Hunter with his sweet honesty said "not really, but I will..." It brought tears to my eyes knowing that it was a sacrifice for him, but at age 7, he was willing to make it for someone else. We took the boys to the angel tree at the mall and choose a little boy about their age. The boy asked for a pair of pants, a jacket, a scooter and a basketball. Grant was on top of the list and made sure we had everything he asked for. What a special night for our family. Shopping at the mall with three little boys is always and adventure for sure, but knowing what we were doing brought an amazing feeling and spirit to our Christmas season.

Computer trouble...

When it comes to computers I feel like a silly little monkey... Lucky for us we have a computer genius friend to save the day. Now we are back in business. Thanks Jeff and Janette for all you do for us.