Monday, July 20, 2009

Major Preggo Brain...

Today I experienced the worst preggo brain of this pregnancy.
I went to the mail drop box to drop off my bills, and without thinking threw them in the bin without stamps... I would not have worried so much except it was my house payment, and I didn't want it lost or stolen or whatever. So I went into the post office and asked what I needed to do. The man was really kind and walked out to the box with me and opened it. I think he thought we would be searching for a while, but to his and my surprise my bills were sitting right on top of the pile. He made the comment that I must be living right or something, and I totally felt like all my efforts in helping the YW get ready for camp had just been paid off. I still can't believe I did such a silly thing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week long Celebration...

Our Week long celebration started Saturday morning with the big 4th of July Parade.

Our friends the Lunts were kind enough to let us in on their good parade spot that they camped over night to save. Thanks you guys it was lots of fun.

We had a BBQ at aunt Jodys house and then watched the stadium fire works on the Provo High Football Field.

Even though it was late, I promised Hunter we could do sparklers. Grant didn't make it for our own fire works show, but Hunter and James were thrilled. It was a successful 4th of July.
Sunday evening we drove to my parents cabin in Manti to spend a few days with my family.

The highlight of the trip for the boys was the endless swimming in the lake with their Dad.

Hunter thought he was a trickster doing back flips off the water tramp and having my brothers through him in the water.
Other than swimming we just played Games and hung out together. We discovered Grant is a Memory Wiz kid. My mom got the biggest kick out of watching him get match after match.

We got home from the cabin just in time to do laundry and pack the trailer for our Fish Lake trip.
We look forward to our fish lake trip every year.

The boys were excited to paint t-shirts with their cousins. Hunter was extra careful creating his pirate master piece.
We were excited to see our cousin Jensen. James and Ally can't wait until he can run around with them.
This year we rented a boat and did a little fishing with the kids. James thought he was hot stuff driving the boat.
The kids were a little bummed about not catching anything, but they had a lot of fun trying.
Grant and Grandpa Ivie have a really cute relationship. Grant is always sitting by him and they make each other laugh. I thought this picture was sweet.
Our family at Fish Lake 2009.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

9 Years and counting...

Matt and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.
In 9 years we have had 3 and a half kids, 6 different cars, 3 different homes, 2 job changes, 1 college graduation, 1 major medical scare, lots and lots of love and more kisses then you can count.
It was fun to look back on the past and set new goals for our future together. 9 years is only the beginning and I can't wait...