Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent with the Phillips bunch. We went Ice Skating again because the kids wanted to show grandma and grandpa their skills. Ella wanted to try the skate walker this time and did a pretty good job.

She got tired fast so she joined Grandpa and Andy on the bench.

Hunter skates so fast you can hardly get a good picture of him.

Grant stuck with Grandma most of the time. They were cute skating buddies.

For lunch we hit J dawgs, and then came back to Grandma's to decorate cookies and play. We ate a yummy dinner and had a great time together.

Grandma's tradition has always been Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. I thought this was a cute memory.

More December activities...

We were lucky this year and got tickets to the Tabernacle concert at the conference center. We took Randy and Lara and had a great time. The lights were beautiful and the concert brought the spirit of Christmas in to our hearts. It was a great start to the fun Christmas week.

Jody took us all ice skating for Bryawna's birthday. IT was the first time our kids have ever been so it was quite an adventure.

Grant was disappointed that he couldn't just jump on the ice and cruse. It was a lot harder than he had wanted it to be and he sat and grumped for a while.

By the end of the day he had learned to skate better and he decided Ice skating was fun after all.

James and ella loved every minute of the day. James had a little walker that helped him out on the ice and he would just curse. He and Ally had a blast together. It was a really fun memory.

Matt and I were invited by the Kuhni's to attend the Bar J Wrangler concert at UVU.
It was really fun listening to the cowboy christmas music, but most of all to have some alone time...
We went to dinner with Riley and Kristina afterward at JCW.
I love fun Christmas dates.

Hunter went of his very first ski trip with the whole fourth grade at our school. They went to Sundance resort where they had ski instructor who made it a great experience for all the kids. Hunter is hooked. He would love to go again... if we could ever get any snow. I was super nervous to let him go skiing without me.... I guess i just want him to still his mommy. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date...

Yes another Tea Party... Ella talked Matt into having a tea party one Sunday afternoon.
I thought it was just the sweetest thing. Matt adores this little princess, and we all love it when she says " Tea Party me..."

Knudsen Christmas Party...

We started our party off right with a yummy dinner at Brick Oven. While we waited the kids were very entertained by the balloon man, and an unexpected visit from Santa.

All the kids spent the night At Grandma's, even little Ella. She had a hard time falling asleep because she couldn't decide which cousin to sleep by...
We all arrived first thing in the morning for a yummy breakfast and another surprise visit from Santa...

James was the most thrilled to see Santa and sit on his lap. He brought the Magic of Christmas in to the room.

Ella on the other hand was less than thrilled with Santa. She did get a fun gift from him and by the time he was ready to leave she felt brave enough to give him a hug goodbye.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a super fun party.

Monday, January 9, 2012

zions bank...

Hunter's fourth grade class made cute paper ornaments and took them to Zions Bank and decorated their tree in the Lobby. They sang some fun Christmas songs, and then they all become very reverent as they sang Silent Night. It was really sweet.
Zion's bank was very generous to the kids and gave them $300.00 to use for another field trip.

Grandma Kathy came over on her lunch break to see the whole thing. It was a fun outing for us all.

Festival of trees...

To start off our Christmas celebrations we took the kids to the Festival of trees. We met the whole Knudsen gang and enjoyed all the beautiful lights and smells.
We finished our outing with dinner at pee Wei's. It was super yummy and fun.

Bag lady...

This is my latest creation, made for Aunt Valerie who is so cool to keep ordering bags and feed my sewing habit. I must say it's probably my favorite one.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Ivie clan in Ogden. We enjoyed yummy food and fun company. Aunt Valerie really knows how to through a fun party.

Later that night Brooke and I ventured out for our black friday shopping. We brought our camp chairs and blankets and sat in the line at Target, waiting to buy a tv for brooke and Ipods for the boys. We were very successful and got everything we wanted. Everyone thought we were crazy to sit in line for three hours, but we had a great time laughing, and people watching. Can't wait til next year...

Some Knudsen fun...

This is what James and Ella do on cold winter days. Actually they do this almost every day.

Grant and Hunter brought home from school tickets to the woman's BYU basketball game
It was tons of fun watching the game and watching Comso do his thing.
Ella loved watching the cougar from afar, but the moment he came close to us she screamed and screamed. That didn't stop her from being a true blue fan. She still goes around saying BYU, BYU. we think she might be a cheerleader someday.