Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our new Easter Tradition...

I was so not happy about the Easter Bunny expectations around our house. It had gotten out of control this year, and our kids had lost the true meaning of the holiday. Plus they had already received clothes and treats and surprises from all their grandparents... I decided we needed to do something different.
So sunday after chruch Matt and I spent some time writing little notes and thoughts to the kids. We each rote 4 notes on egg shaped papers for each of the boys, so they had 8 eggs to find. We hid them all over the yard...

The egg hut was a little bit tricky because the papers were white and flat so it took quite a bit of time for them to find all their eggs.
I was worried about how the kids would react to this new idea, but I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of the activity.

Once all the notes were found the kids lined them up on the porch and read them one by one.
It was such a boost to all the boys to read notes from their parents, expressing love and encouragement, testimony and support. Sweet Hunter probably needed this the most because his eyes were teary and he jumped into my arms the moment he was finished reading.
It was an amazing family strengthening experience. I hope to do it every year from now on. I'm not sure it will always feel this powerful, but I do know it felt better than any Easter basket...

Easter fun...

Hunter and His friends started our Easter fun off with the great rabbit hunt.
They were so cute in their hats and gear on, chasing the rabbit that lives on the farm.
They were so proud when they finally caught him. We played with the rabbit for a while and then let him run wild again. I'm sure there will be many more rabbit chases...

James and Ella invited their friends over for an Easter egg hunt in the hay field.

the kids had a blast finding eggs, blowing bubbles, eating bunny treats, and laughing.
We are thankful for fun friends to celebrate with.

Aunt Valerie invited us to her annual easter egg hunt in Ogden.
It was amazing how many eggs she colors and how much candy is on her back lawn.
I didn't take too many pictures because I was distracted by all the cute new baby cousins...

Saturday we went to Great Grandma Phillips's annual easter egg hunt and BBQ.

The kids were once again spoiled with lots and lots of treats and fun.

Grant found the lucky golden egg, a tradition started by Uncle Rod when we were all teenagers. Grant scored $38.00, which burned a hole in his pocket all the way home.

Arise and Shine Forth