Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monkey See...

Who would have guessed we'd have two boys with glasses...
We got a letter in the mail on Thursday saying Hunter didn't pass the eye exam at school. I didn't worry too much because Hunter has wanted glasses ever since Grant got his. I assumed Hunter failed his eye exam on purpose just so he could be like his brother. Sure enough the Doc. said Hunter is far sighted and has astigmatism, and would benefit from glasses. I was bothered by the word benefit.. why didn't he just say he needs them?
Anyway it was a crazy day trying to juggle three kids at the eye doctor, and then trying to shop for new glasses for both Hunter and Grant. But we made it, and don't the boys look sharp!
Monkey See... Monkey Do...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Little Slugger...

Yes we are in a Big Boy Bed... Already... and James couldn't be happier. After months of sleeping on mom and dad's floor we decided to do something to help James sleep better. I was really hesitant about swtiching from the crib to a full sized bed because it means he's not the baby anymore, but james hasn't been the baby for a really long time anyway. He has always wanted to be as big as the other boys. James was thrilled with the bed, especially the awesome baseball bedding. He is a sports kid at heart. We call him our little slugger... Sure enough the little slugger slept through the whole night without a peep. Mom spent the whole night worring that he would fall out of the bed and then stumble down the stairs. His night was better but mine was worse, go figure.

James slept all night in his new big boy bed.

What a Kid...

Monday, September 15, 2008

When the Cat's away...

Tis the season for the Hunting Widows...
so we went mini golfing at Trafalga. It was super fun. Hunter and Grant just loved the glow in the dark under the sea theme, and James was just happy to be included. Brooke, Andrea and Jessica came with us and made it a party.

Happy Birthday Hunter

For Hunter's 7th birthday we celebrated with all the family. Hunter was so excited with the special treasure hunt his Aunt Brooke sent him on. This treasure chest is now filled with all the fun birthday cards and presents from all his grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. Thanks everyone for making his birthday so fun.

My Favorite Things...

Life is to be Enjoyed not just Endured!
This is my favorite thing in the house. It took a lot of convincing to get this tub, but now it is one of Matt's favorite things too.

Helping Hands

We had lost of helping hands on the day we pored the cement for the driveway and side walks. Thanks to all those who have helped us through out this process. We really have appreciated your love and support.

Home Sweet Home

We moved into our Beautiful new home on
July 3rd 2008.
It has been so fun to finally have a place for everything and almost everything in its place. My sweetie Matt did almost all the work himself. I am so amazed at all the handy things that he can do. What a Man!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Looking Guys

These are all my handsome boys... We had just finished taking pictures at the Manti Temple for my brother clint's Wedding. I loved the pink ties, but couldn't talk Matt into wearing his any longer. You can tell by the look on Grant's face that it was a long day with out a lot of boy play time. It did make an impression on them to see Clint and Jessica come out of the temple. They could tell that it was an important thing and that every one was really happy. Now, when we drive by the temple on the way to the cabin they are the first ones to say "Look at the Temple, that is where Clint and Jessica were married, and TJ and Michelle too." Thanks you guys for setting the example for my boys to follow...

Crazy Boys

Look at these wild and Crazy boys. We have a lot of fun at our house.

Matt and Melissa

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this June. I can't believe how time flyes. I just love this boy!