Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reflection winners 2012

 Hunter and Grant are proud medal winners in this year's reflections contest.  The theme was "Magic in a Moment"  and they both created art work that represented magic to them. No surprise to anyone Hunter drew horses and Grand drew a hunting scene.  They were both thrilled to receive awards and they were well deserved. The boys worked really hard on their projects.

 James also drew a magic moment... His drawing was really cute and he won a yellow ribbon.  I think he was a little disappointed, but there is always next year.  James is a really good artists so he will have lots of opportunities for the big trophy. He is a big sweetheart...

 I'm sure proud of my boys and all their hard work. They really try their best and I'm so happy they had fun today...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

 Ware Wolf  Hunter
 Grant the Mad Scientists.
 Both Hunter and Grant had school parties and a parade at school. They both had a lot of fun.  Grant was worried about wearing his costume because he couldn't run to school with his head on.  I thought that was funny.  Hunter really got into character as the ware wolf... he should be an actor someday.
 James and Ella and I went to the school parade, and then to McDonalds for Halloween happy meals.  James had a class party and a little parade around the playground for the parents.  He was so excited about his captain America costume.  He even bought the shield with his own money.
 Ella kept telling everyone her name was Jessie...  she too is quite the actress, totally in character.  She is also all girl and wanted make up on.  I gave in because it was Halloween.  It's not fair, her eyelashes totally kick the trash out of mine.  Check out how long and pretty they are... so jealous!

We had fun with the cousins, trick or treating and yummy food at both grandma's houses... Whoosh what a night. Can't wait til next year.