Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knudsen Family Lego Wars...

For Family night we had a Lego War

Rules: Make what ever you want, but be creative. No copying from the books
The looser buys everyone Ice cream and the winner gets to choose where we go.

Hunter and James really got into it. They each built at least three different creations before they were satisfied with that they had made. Matt and Grant had a harder time building. Matt finally got into his swamp alligator catcher, but Grant got too frustrated and pooped out. (Grant was already tired from a long day.)
James was the winner, Hunter was 2nd and Matt was the looser so he bought us all 99 cent root beer floats at A&W's. (monday night special)
Good times!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Needed a Little Break.

I felt the urge to play with the blog again today after a long break. I kind of missed my journal and documenting the funny things my kids say and do. so today's entry is dedicated to


If you know Grant you have enjoyed his silly humor and his quick thinking. He loves to talk and tell stories. The other day in the car he tells us this story...

Grant: "my friend cheats off me everyday in math. I tell him not to but he just keeps doing it. So I wrote the wrong answer down just to see if he would copy me and he did. Then I changed my answer. I got it right and he got it wrong and then he was mad at me, and I said Dude, stop cheating off me."

Matt and I laughed for the rest of the night. The kids is only in first grade. What first grader thinks like that? After I was done laughing I was proud of Grant for sticking up for himself and for knowing that cheating is wrong. What a kid.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Kid now...

Yes it's true, James is fully trained! Even at night, the kid is doing awesome! Out of all three boys, James got the potty thing the fastest and the youngest. He is a smarty pants in every way. We made James a potty chart and every time he went, he put a sticker on the chart. He filled up his chart and got his awesome prize,(color changing lightening mcqueen car). Now he wants another chart. Im pretty sure he thinks if he fills up another chart there will be another prize... Im telling ya, smarty pants!
We just love our Jamers!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Running Fool

From age 15 to about age 21 I was a running fool. I would run anywhere from 5- 13 miles a day. Running was my happiness, my outlet, my enjoyment, and where I based my self esteem. I was good at it. The reason I was good at it was because I figured out the trick to running. Running has nothing to do with your fitness, leg strength or even your shoes, running is all about mind. You have to be focused, determined, and for me able to block out the world, including my own thought. I learned this skill so well that I almost became numb. An old boyfriend of mine would often ask what I was thinking, and I truthfully told him nothing... which was frustrating for him and probably one of the reasons we ended.
Today I would give anything to be thinking nothing. My brain is always full of thoughts. Thoughts about my kids, money, relationships, family, church calling, my kids, business, my hubby, and on and on and on. I would give anything to block out the thoughts for even just and hour a day so that I could be that running fool again...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some of Ella's Firsts

Ella is 6 Months old now and I just can't believe how fast it came. She is eating solids. She loves rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes. The only thing that she wont eat so far is applesauce.

This is Ella's first swim in mom's big bath tub. She loves to kick and splash in the water.

Ella has already been to the beauty salon. We went to the hair school and Brooke curled her hair with perm rods. She was the talk of the school. All the ladies just couldn't believe how darn cute she is.

I was tempted to have her hair permed for real. The curls were just darling.

Ella can sit up all by her self. She loves to sit and play with her toys, and watch everyone around her.

Today I gave Ella her first Hair cut. It made me sad to see that long hair go, but it really needed to be trimmed so it will grow in better and the same length. I think this little bob looks just darling. I had to laugh because what 6 month old has a bob hair cut. She is a styling little girl.

We are having so much fun with our little girl.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Attention: Moms of little boys...

Being a mom of little boys has brought challenges that I never realized existed. Bathrooms seem to always be stinky, dirt is everywhere, even in the winter, but the biggest frustration for me is never having a pair of jeans without holes in the knee, and always the right knee for some strange reason...
But I have found it... The solution for the never ending hole in the knee.
It's the Kid Tough program at Shopko... of all places.

I heard about it this summer when I was shopping for school clothes. Buy a pair of jeans at shopko and they will guarantee those jeans as long as your child is in that same size. Which means when Grant comes home from school with the hole in his right knee, I can take them right off and get him another pair of size 6 jeans for free, no receipt needed. How cool is that. I did my first jean swap yesterday and let me tell you it felt amazing.