Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knudsen Family Lego Wars...

For Family night we had a Lego War

Rules: Make what ever you want, but be creative. No copying from the books
The looser buys everyone Ice cream and the winner gets to choose where we go.

Hunter and James really got into it. They each built at least three different creations before they were satisfied with that they had made. Matt and Grant had a harder time building. Matt finally got into his swamp alligator catcher, but Grant got too frustrated and pooped out. (Grant was already tired from a long day.)
James was the winner, Hunter was 2nd and Matt was the looser so he bought us all 99 cent root beer floats at A&W's. (monday night special)
Good times!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Needed a Little Break.

I felt the urge to play with the blog again today after a long break. I kind of missed my journal and documenting the funny things my kids say and do. so today's entry is dedicated to


If you know Grant you have enjoyed his silly humor and his quick thinking. He loves to talk and tell stories. The other day in the car he tells us this story...

Grant: "my friend cheats off me everyday in math. I tell him not to but he just keeps doing it. So I wrote the wrong answer down just to see if he would copy me and he did. Then I changed my answer. I got it right and he got it wrong and then he was mad at me, and I said Dude, stop cheating off me."

Matt and I laughed for the rest of the night. The kids is only in first grade. What first grader thinks like that? After I was done laughing I was proud of Grant for sticking up for himself and for knowing that cheating is wrong. What a kid.